Puddington Parish Council represents Puddington, Shotwick, Woodbank, Two Mills and Shotwick Park

Parish Council


Your Parish Council is the first tier of local government closest to your community (other tiers being the Borough Council and National Government) and delivers a wide range of services at community level. Parish Councils are seen as increasingly important in representing the views and needs of local communities such as ours. Puddington is one of 69 local councils in the Cheshire West and Chester authority area.

The Function of the Parish Council

The Local Council Acts within the framework of legislation conferred on it by Parliament. The role of the Parish Council is:
1. Executive: As an executive body, the Parish Council has many statutory functions and as the elected body of the parish, it has powers of decision.
2. Representation: The Parish Council often voices the views of its parishioners on many issues including planning applications
3. Consultation: Several bodies including the Borough Council, Police Authority and Fire and Rescue Service consult with the Parish Council to gather local opinion and concerns.
4. Promotional: The Parish Council is often the body required to take a lead on the issues affecting the interests of its area. This is seen as a natural role, as the Parish Council may be the only body with initial access to resources and the capability to act.

Some of the statutory functions include providing and maintaining recreational areas, bus shelters and public notifications e.g. Agendas for Parish Council meetings. The Parish Council is the first port of call for residents enquiring about public services and the Council will endeavour to answer as efficiently as possible.

With effect from 1 April 2019, Puddington Parish Council became part of the new Saughall and Mollington Ward and following Local Elections on 2 May 2019 is represented at the Borough Council by Ward Councillor Simon Eardley.

Puddington Parish Council represents FIVE areas: Puddington; Shotwick; Woodbank; Two Mills and Shotwick Park. The Parish Council consists of NINE voluntary Councillors from all walks of life who meet once every two months to discuss and administer the Parish Council’s functions.
Parish Councillors are democratically elected every FOUR years at a Local Government Election, although from time to time seats need to be filled for various reasons within the term of office.
The Parish Council also has a Planning Committee which meets once every two months (alternate month to Full Council) and ahead of the Full Council meeting where there is business to attend too.
Each year a Chair and Vice Chair are elected by the Council. The Chair presides over Council meetings to ensure the meeting is conducted in an orderly and efficient manner. The decisions are then acted upon by the Parish Clerk who is an employee of the Council.

Residents can bring a matter to the attention of the Parish Council by:

i. Contacting one of the Councillors who will endeavour to answer or alternatively put the query to a Council meeting on behalf of the resident.
ii. Contacting the Parish Clerk via telephone, e mail or letter.
iii. Putting a question to the Council in the Open Forum where 10 minutes is set aside for residents.

At the start of the Council Meetings ten minutes will be allocated to enable any petition presenters to speak in support of their petition(s) and for questions from the public, providing five clear working days written notice has been given, or on matters of urgency, providing a request is made to the Chairman prior to the commencement of the meeting and the Councils consent is given.

Annual General Meeting

The is the first scheduled meeting in May, or in an election year no later than 14 days following the date on which Councillors take office following the election. I a non-election year the first business of the Annual Meeting is to elect a Chair and Vice Chair. In an election year the first business will be for Councillors to sign a Declaration of Acceptance of Office.
Guidelines for contributing to parish matters and discussions:
• Please be civil and tasteful
• Please be constructive and polite and don’t contribute with the intention of causing trouble
• Please do not write or state anything that is unlawful, harassing, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, sexually orientated, racially offensive or otherwise objectionable
• Please do not contribute material which is off-topic. We don’t allow submission of the same or very similar contributions many times from the same person
• Please do not impersonate others
• Please always use your real name
• Please only submit or share defamatory or illegal material of any nature.
• Please only submit original or share contributions which are your own original work. Do not violate, plagiarise or infringe the rights of third parties including copyright, trade mark, trade secrets, privacy, publicity, personal or proprietary rights
We will not consider any contribution which goes against these guidelines

• Meeting Schedule

• Current Newsletter

• Minutes
Parish Council meetings are public meetings, so residents are welcomed and encouraged to attend. The Minutes of the meeting are public documents and can be viewed following their approval at a subsequent meeting.

• Agenda

• Policies
The Parish Council is responsible for the conduct of public business and for spending public money. It is accountable for ensuring that public business is conducted in accordance with the law and proper standards. To this end, the Parish Council has a framework of rules and guidance within which to work. These include: Standing Orders, Code of Conduct and Financial Regulations. Best practice recommends that the Parish Council also has a series of policies to support the business and to ensure good governance, accountability and transparency including:

  • Freedom of Information Policy
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • Complaints Procedure
  • Website Policy Privacy Notice
  • Accounts
  • Chairman’s Annual Reports